Thursday, November 12, 2015

Episode 1: Dolls Party

Your new happy podcast hosts just happen to have been to US and Japanese Volks Dolpas, and they are going to bring you there… with you willing ears and a little imagination.  Plus, learn about the history of these parties, and how they are changing for the future.

Timestamps and Show Notes!

0:00 Introductions
0:47 Mission Statement: BJDs as Visual Culture
1:34 What we're talking about (What is Visual Culture)
2:53 Who are these jokers
6:29 Potential Topics
7:53 Today's Topic: Volks Dollpa (Japan Dollpa v American Dollps)
9:34 History of the Dollpa 
16:12 How does Dollpa's work today?
18:24 Internationalization of Dollpa & Cash in Japan
19:00 How does money changing work in Japan tangent
19:50 Morning of the Dollpa
20:11 The first limited item from Volks is...?
21:30 Limited Items at the Dollpa
26:00 Ami Broke My Heart
28:00 The New Limited Items System
30:12 Things you can get that Aren't Limiteds
31:00 What Is the Vender Section like?
32:00 Lindsey's Fav Vender Finds
35:50 What does Volks sell for Limited Items?
36:40 The Doll Doctor
38:10 One-Offs at Dollpa
39:30 Themes at Dollpa Side Topic (Dollpa 33 Themes)
41:20 Back to the One Offs
41:41 Please be nice about talking about dolls
43:22 US Dollpa vs Japan Dollpa, How does US Dollpa Work
48:43 History of US Dollpa
49:02 The Notorious Stolen Dolls Incident
50:06 Back to the History of the US Dollpa
52:38 What is Hometown Dollpa?
53:38 Why did US Dollpa have such a big pause?
54:15 How does Dollpa end? US vs Japan Dollpa
55:00 Silent Auction/Auctions 
55:45 The End of Dollpa in US and Japan
56:00 How does the Bingo Work? US vs Japan
56:17 Becca's Bingo Story about her Tenshi
58:05 Sei- and Rei-Tenshi
1:00:00 Bingo at the Japanese Dollpa
1:00:02 My Bingo Card is Sad
1:08:17 Extra Events at Dollpa 
1:09:42 End of Dollpa Japan vs USA
1:13:04 Volks Candy
1:13:52 After-Events
1:15:43 Wrap Up and Recommendations
1:19:02 How do you contact us? and Thanks!

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