Sunday, November 22, 2015

Episode 2: Why are Dolls Satisfying?

Lindsey and Rebecca go over why in the world we go through all the trouble to buy, collect, paint, modify, and photograph Ball Jointed Dolls.  This podcast is a bit heavier on theory, and dives into a little information on the chemicals in the brain that make us feel good.  More importantly, all the tangents are A+ material.  Enjoy!

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00:00 Introduction
02:52 Why do we enjoy Dolls?
03:53 What is satisfaction?
04:30 The Science of Satisfaction and Happiness
09:00 BJD Doll Values
11:10 BJDs and how they connect to the Science of Happiness
15:07 The Sadness of Dissapointment
16:30 Moe Feelings
17:55 How do dolls become addictive?
19:30 Collecting as Healthy Behavior and Why Do We Collect Things
24:00 Systems of meaning and Doll Collections
26:50 BJD and Identity and Avatars
30:00 The Act of Art and The Calm of Creation
35:00 The Importance of Community and the Science of Being Social
39:09 Dolls....are good??? and why do some people not like them
41:00 BJDs, Addiction, and Living a Balanced Life
44:51 How can we BJD responsibly?
47:00 That Magical Feeling
49:00 The Many Ways People Love Dolls
52:40 How do /we/ find satisfaction in our dolls?

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